Control Auxiliaries

RP-3000 XT

The RP-3000XT is a touch screen remote control and annunciation panel for use with the easYgen-3000XT series controls.

easYgen RP 3000 Series

Remote Panel for easYgen-3000 Series Genset Controls


Digital I/O Expansion Board


Woodward LS-5 Series are synchronizer controllers with integrated protective functions.

LS-5 x2

The LS-5×2 relays simplify the applications where load bus is served by a mains circuit breaker (MCB) and a generator group breaker (GGB).

LSG = Load Share Gateway


CAN Bus Based Remote Annunciator


The DTSC-50 digital transfer switch controller is an economical controller for open-transition (break before make) automatic transfer switch control.


The DTSC-200 controller is easily configured for a wide range of automatic transfer switch applications including Main-Gen, Gen-Gen or Main-Main systems using circuit breakers…

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