Diesel Engine Actuators

Hydraulic, UG EGB, L-Series, PG-EG, PG=PL, UG25+


The TG-13E and 17E actuators are selfcontained electrohydraulic actuators for use on steam turbines where isochronous control, load sharing, or other functions are required. They can be used with all available Woodward electronic governor controls and accessories.

UG25+ Actuator

The Woodward UG25+ actuator is a microprocessor controlled, mechanical-hydraulic amplified, actuator for controlling diesel, gas and dual fuel engines and obtains the muscle needed from a standard UG-type engine drive. It takes a standard 4mA to 20mA position command control signal from an electronic control system and converts it into a proportional 42 degrees of terminal shaft position to control engine fuel flow.


The PG-PL Governor is widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps and compressors.


The Woodward EGB Governor/Actuator is used with Woodward analog or digital electronic controls that provide a proportional 20-160 mA control signal on dual fuel, diesel, and gasoline engines, and gas and steam turbines driving electrical or mechanical loads.


The electrically controlled hydraulic amplifier is a pilot operated, linear servo actuator used in conjunction with the Woodward 2301, 500 Series or NetCon® electronic controls. The amplifier contains a Woodward EG-3P actuator which converts the electric control signal to a rotary output which controls the servo output position taken by the amplifier. The amplifier is capable of operating the control mechanisms for steam turbines or large engines which require relatively large forces and work capacity beyond that of the actuators normally used with 2301, 500 Series, and NetCon controls.

EGB‐200P and EGB‐300P

The EGB-200P/-300P is a governor/ actuator providing the electronic governor with 200/300 lb-ft (270/400 N*m) work capacity for positioning the engine or turbine fuel racks or linkage.

TM Actuator

The TM-25/200LP actuators provide 25 mm (1 inch) of linear movement of valves for steam or gas turbines.

L Series Actuator

The L Series integrated Engine Control System is the first engine speed control to deliver so much in such a compact package.

UG40 Actuator

Hydraulic Powered Electric Actuator for Control of Larger Engines

UG Actuator

The Woodward UG-Actuator offers the advantages of electronic control and load sharing systems while using the convenient existing UG8-type drives and linkages. The actuator provides the muscle for Woodward analog controls such as the 2301A, as well as Woodward digital controls and engine management systems. The UG-Actuator can be used with diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines. The UG-Actuator has a self-contained oil sump so a separate oil supply is not required.

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