Gas Engine Governors


The PGG is used for controlling speed or power output of engines where remote speed-setting capabilities with droop are required. It is especially useful in parallel generator-set applications where alternator frequencies must be matched, or the governor operated in droop mode for load distribution.


The PG-PL Governor is widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps and compressors.


The Woodward UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical hydraulic amplified, governor for controlling diesel, gas, and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines.


The Woodward PSG governor is a speed-droop governor for controlling speed of small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, or small steam or industrial gas turbines, isochronously or with droop. The governor is used to control engines or turbines driving alternators, dc generators, pumps, or compressors. Pressure compensation provides the PSG governor with the necessary stability to control isochronously.


The 3161 governor is designed for speed control of diesel engines, gas engines, or steam turbines. The variety of standard features and available options makes the governor ideal for use in a wide variety of applications which require work capacity of up to 24 N/m (18 lb-ft). Applications include off-highway vehicles, industrial, marine, generator set, compressor, or pump drives.


Electrically Powered Governor Systems


Pressure Compensated Mechanical Governor


The TG Governors are self-contained, mechanical-hydraulic, speed droop governors for use on small steam turbines where isochronous (constant speed) operation is not required.

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