Other Protection Relays

HighTech Line

The High Tech Line consists of modular protection devices for low voltage, medium voltage, and lower high voltage level with numerous and complex protection functions. The protection range includes basic time overcurrent protection, machine protection to high-grade differential protection:

  • MRI3 — Time Overcurrent and Earth Fault Current Relay
  • MRIK3 — Digital time overcurrent relay with Control function and auto reclosing
  • MRI1 — Digital multifunctional relay for time overcurrent protection
  • MRG3 — Generator protection / Mains decoupling
  • MRN3 — Combined mains decoupling relay (ROCOF)
  • MRU3 — AC Voltage Relay
  • MRF3 — Frequency Relay
  • MRP2 — Directional Power Relay
  • MRS1 — Negative sequence relay
  • MRQ1 — Field failure relay
  • MRR1 — Multifunctional Generator Rotor Protection Relay
  • MRM3 — Motor Protection Relay
  • MRL1 — Lock-out relay
  • MRA1 — Trip circuit supervision
  • IRI1 — Time overcurrent relay
  • IRU1 — AC voltage relay

Professional Line

The Professional Line with its digital separate or combined relays provide all common protection functions for low and medium voltage applications, and are designed for DIN rail mounting. Rated voltage and frequency can be set by means of DIP switches; pick-up values and tripping delays via potentiometers. The wide-range power supply for AC and DC make the relays universal. An optionally available interface adapter enables the devices to communicate with your SCADA system.

  • XI1I Time Overcurrent Relay
  • XI1 Earth Fault Current Relay
  • XRI1 Directional Time Overcurrent Relay
  • XRI1 Combined Time Overcurrent- and Earth Current Relay
  • XRI1 Earth Fault Current Relay
  • XN2 Mains Decoupling Relay
  • XRN2 Mains Decoupling Relay/Interchange Protection
  • XUF2 AC Voltage and Frequency Relay 50/60 Hz
  • XUA1 AC Voltage and Phase Balance Relay
  • XU2AC AC Voltage Relay 50/60 Hz
  • XU1DC DC Voltage Relay
  • XU1E Earth Fault Voltage Relay
  • XF2 Frequency Relay 50/60 Hz
  • XG2 Generator-/Mains Monitor (Vector surge relay)
  • XP2R Power and Reverse Power Relay
  • XS2 Negative Sequence Relay.
  • XE2 DC Current Relay (Loss of excitation relay)
  • XR1 Rotor Earth Fault Relay
  • XM1 Motor Protection Relay
  • XD1 Differential Protection Relay (Generator or Line or Transformer)

Basic Line

An Advanced technology protection Relay at lower price, The Basic Line devices are supervision relays for low voltage applications equipped with a precise micro-controller and designed for DIN -rail mounting. They are easy to operate and simple to commission.

  • BU1AC AC Voltage Relay
  • BUA1 Voltage- and Voltage Balance Relay
  • BU1DC2 DC Voltage Relay
  • BF1 Frequency Relay
  • BP1R Directional Power Relay
  • BZ1 Speed Relay
  • BN1400 Mains Decoupling Relay/Interchange Protection

WI Line

WI Line devices are self-powered time overcurrent relays, which means they take their energy from the current transformers. Since they do not require auxiliary power, the WI Line Relays are well suited for use in self-sustaining transfer and distribution stations, local grids, and ring-main-units.

  • WIP1 Time Overcurrent Relay with Multi-Characteristic, self-powered
  • WIB1 Time Overcurrent Relay with Multi characteristic
  • WIC1 Multi Characteristic Time Overcurrent Relay, self-powered
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