RO Desalination

RWO’s reverse osmosis desalination systems (SRO) are designed for independent and reliable potable and / or process water supply onboard ships and offshore facilities.

The reverse osmosis process is ideal for fresh water or process water generation – being easy to operate, economical and producing excellent water quality.


New standard type seawater desalination plant for service on board ships With the SRO-COM RWO presents a new standard type seawater desalination plant for service on board ships. A main advantage is the continued production of high quality fresh water from unpolluted seawater that is free of oil and chlorine.

What is special about the SRO-COM is its pre-assembled skid mounted design, which is ready for installation and operations on board due to its “plug-and-play”-principle. This desalination plant has a stable permeate flow over the complete temperature range from 1°C – 35°C.

Advanced membrane technology

The newly developed SRO-COM seawater osmosis plant offers state-of-the-art technology by using low energy membranes. These membranes produce the same permeate rate as conventional membranes but at a considerably lower operating pressure, which results in a lower investment for the buyer and lower energy costs.


High reliability plant control. The heart of the plants is the integrated electronic control device with a user friendly digital display. The graphic on the display shows the temperature, conductivity, operating pressure and the operating hours. All failure recordings including the alarm and warnings can be checked through the menu feature.

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