TeamTec Marine Incinerators

TeamTec incinerators are the ultimate solution for waste treatment onboard vessels, offshore units and onshore facilities.

TeamTec’s vast range of models and versions covers capacities from 189,000 kcal/h to 1,290,000 kcal/h.

Incineration of liquid and solid waste is considered to be an environmental friendly way of waste management. Onboard incineration with local management of sludge oil and solid waste is recommended by the International Marine Organisation (IMO) and all the class societies.

TeamTec high-tech marine incinerators are computerized (PLC) to make the daily use simple, automated and safe for the user over a long product life, and always ensuring compliance with the IMO regulations. TeamTec incinerators are also perfect for waste treatment at onshore facilities, especially in remote areas and have been supplied to power plants, mines, hotel resorts and military units all over the world.

All models are run at a high temperature to enable high capacity for burning both liquid and solid waste, and in spite of this, have small dimensions. Several models are available with a range of capacities to cover the needs of most types and sizes of vessels. The TeamTec incinerators are also available as skid-mounted and in containerized versions. Sludge tanks and diesel tanks are amongst optional extras.

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