Woodward Upgrades and Retrofits

As Woodward’s Recognized Engine Retrofit (RER) partner, TIG marine delivers mechanical hydraulic governors and state-of-the-art digital control systems to modernize and upgrade reciprocating gas and diesel engines to the latest Woodward technologies.

Whether your objective is improved performance and fuel efficiency, compliance with tougher emissions regulations or expanding alternative fuel options, TIG marine can deliver a comprehensive, whole-system solution to upgrading your existing engine controls. The aging of components increases the risk of unplanned shutdowns, and obsolescence of component create severe problems which can make these shutdowns more expensive.

The financial losses, in terms of lost operation due to unexpected shutdown, resulting from the failure of a simple component, may be quite out of proportion to its relatively inexpensive cost. Thus, retrofitting an integrated engine control solution to replace the outdated system increases engine reliability, performance with improved fuel efficiency and lower emission.

TIG marine performs a comprehensive evaluation of your existing control system inclusive of the engine’s control panels, governors and other auxiliary systems. From this assessment, TIG marine design engineers are able to design a comprehensive solution that improves your engine performance and takes advantage of the latest technologies.

To ensure that the control system functions as planned and without issue when installed on site, extensive simulations leveraging software and hardware components that mirror the conditions in the plant are run in our test lab during design and testing phases prior to shipment.

TIG marine