Crankshaft Machining and Journal Repair

In-Place Crankshaft Machining

TIG marine has long been the leader in in-situ crankshaft machining and crankshaft grinding for repairing large diameter crankshaft and journal surfaces. As the first company in the world to complete in-situ crankshaft grinding in the early 1950s, TIG marine’ patents on its in-situ crankshaft grinding tooling revolutionized the industry with massive reductions in downtime for owners coping with crankshaft failures and damaged journals.

Through constant and focused R&D and field trial, TIG marine has developed the most cutting-edge in-situ crankshaft machining tooling in the industry. On larger diesel crankshafts and damaged journals, this allows our highly skilled technicians to perform large scale jobs in a fraction of the time of traditional grinding, oftentimes with a single cut, fillet to fillet, with the highest tolerances. TIG marine ’ machining tooling can be applied to any large journal repair.

TIG marine ’ experience repairing damaged crankshafts extends far beyond the grinding and machining of crankshafts. TIG marine has a great deal of experience repairing bent and twisted crankshafts In-Situ as well as the expert application of our in-situ crankshaft annealing process to remove hardness and salvage otherwise condemned crankshafts.

TIG marine ’ brand has always been synonymous with the repair of diesel crankshafts however, every year TIG marine applies this precision machining technology to problems in the marine, industrial, stationary power and offshore sectors. TIG marine is routinely called upon to repair damaged journals on any and all manner of rotating equipment including compressors, steam turbine rotors, worn turbine collector rings, hydro turbine journals and a myriad more applications.

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