Heinzmann / Regulateurs Europa

Regulateurs Europa’s state-of-the art range of electrohydraulic diesel engine governors together with HEINZMANN’s comprehensive product range of mechanical, analogue and digital electronic engine control systems offers a full line provider of controls for all major types of prime mover.

The HEINZMANN group produces and distributes world-wide electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic governors, controls, and equipment for combustion engines and turbines.

TIG marine Miami is part of this worldwide distribution network and act as authorized sales and service agents for varying parts of the Heinzmann/RE product lines and can provide a full range of sales and service support.

Regulateurs Europa – Product Lines Supported

  • Governors and hydraulic actuators
  • Control & monitoring systems

Heinzmann – Product Lines Supported

  • Dardanos — Electronic Fuel Injection controls (EFI)
  • Odysseus — Common Rail (CR) Fuel Injection
  • Artemis — Dual fuel management
  • Kronos — Gas engine control systems
  • Phlox — Ignition control systems
  • Olympus G/S — Gas and Steam Turbine controls
  • Theseus — Generator management
  • Apollon — Engine emission management
  • Triton I — Oil Mist Detection (OMD)
  • Triton II — Arc Protection System (APS)
  • Triton III — Hydraulic Cranking Units
  • Digital and Analog Control Units
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