Hydro Power

TIG marine has a long history of supporting these shutdowns as well as tending to emergent unplanned repairs. In close cooperation with some of the biggest names in generators (Alstom and Voith) and generators (Andritz Hydro and Rainpower) in the Nordics as well as other companies in other regions of the world, TIG marine plays a key role in maintaining and repairing hydropower shafts, bearings and a range of parts connecting turbine to generator. TIG marine makes sure that worn parts are restored to their original performance.

In-Place Machining

Relocating large rotating machinery to a machine shop for repair is impractical and moving the housings and sealing surfaces is impossible. TIG marine has all of the required machinery and skilled technicians necessary to mobilize and perform these repairs on-site. Supported by the latest in laser alignment and measuring equipment, large diameter, in-place machining of shafts, flange facing, and boring applications are routine jobs for TIG marine. Our focus is always on minimizing downtime for our customers and restoring the plant to production as quickly as possible.

Bearing Refurbishment / Reconditioning

Unlike the shaft and sealing surfaces, the high spec white metal bearings utilized in hydro power cannot be repaired in-place and require high end workshop machining and reconditioning. Specialized skills and machining equipment with very high accuracy are needed to ensure lubrication in these critical parts. Gliding surfaces are machined by as little as one-thousand of a millimeter to allow lubrication oil quickly form a thin film that separates metal from metal every single time the shaft starts rotating. The weight lifted by the oil film in these plants might be 200 or even 400 tons. TIG marine capabilities in static and centrifugal casting of white metal bearings are backed by a proven track record of quick turnaround and precision workmanship.

Metal Stitching/Cast Iron Repair

Cracks in cast iron components often result from misalignment, stress or unexpected contact with other moving components. Given the age and size of many hydro components, replacement components are often not available or have lead times that result in significant unnecessary downtime. TIG marine technicians are expert in metal stitching (also known as metal locking) repairs and can restore your cast components at a fraction of the cost with significantly reduced downtime.

Hydroelectric Control and Excitation Systems

Given the age of many hydro plants around the world, the controls and excitation systems originally installed on these plants are very often unreliable, inefficient and obsolete. 20 year old equipment can present a monumental challenge in terms of parts supply, technical support and safe, efficient, reliable operation. TIG marine’ engineering teams working with our specialized partners can design and install customized solutions for Francis, Pelton and Kaplan turbines, to improve efficiency and reduce costs with simplified maintenance.

We can provide any of the below systems at turn key solutions:

  • Advanced Excitation Systems (AES)
  • Digital governors and HMI’s with interconnectivity to other systems
  • Governor hydraulic actuation systems including Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and Main Distribution Valves (MDV)
  • Independent overspeed protection system
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