Diesel/Dual Fuel and Gas Engine Powerplants

TIG marine is expert at deploying teams and managing the logistics and transport requirements to remote locations. In any given week, you will find TIG marine technicians deployed around the globe servicing the needs of our power customers.

Diesel/Dual Fuel Engine Service

Mobile Field Service – TIG marine capabilities as an expert in comprehensive engine services are unquestioned. With 8 decades as an engine specialist, TIG marine capabilities cover virtually all makes and models of larger bore 4 stroke engines found in the power generation market. TIG marine deploys highly trained teams to the power plant to effect the overhaul or engine repair anywhere your plant is located in the world.

Component Overhaul – TIG marine teams can mobilize with all of the tools and special equipment required to overhaul the engine components on site. Alternately, TIG marine can overhaul components in its fully equipped workshops and return the components to site to be installed during overhaul, limiting the on-site attendance.

Major Casualties – Beyond routine maintenance, TIG marine is known for its ability to restore engines from catastrophic casualties. Crankshaft, block and bedplate replacements are routine repair operations for TIG marine and are done in the safest, most professional manner in the market. Through our global network of stations and suppliers, TIG marine is very often able to offer fully inspected, reconditioned components at a significantly lower price than the cost of a new and usually faster than can be delivered from the OEM.

In-Place Machining

TIG marine was the first company in the world to successfully complete the in-place machining of a damaged crankshaft in the early 1950’s and is globally renowned for its capability. Since then, TIG marine has perfected its crankshaft machining tooling and expanded the range of machining services it provides to the world’s fleet. Examples of machining solutions provided include:

  • In-place crankshaft machining (main and crankpin journal)
  • In-place annealing of crankshafts (class approved)
  • Line boring of engines
  • Lower liner landing surface repair
  • Broken cylinder stud removals
  • Flange facing
  • Metal stitching / cast iron repair
  • Laser alignment and chocking

Engine Controls

As powerplants age, various engine related control modules become less reliable and obsoleted by their makers, so disrupting uptime. Often these control modules are also from different suppliers and when they fail, support is not always available and so can cause delays and be expensive. TIG marine are specialist in designing fully integrated upgrades for all control modules including engine automation, governors, gas admission systems, safety systems, power management, excitation and generator protection. By standardizing on control modules from our principles we are able to reduce the number of modules, minimize suppliers and improve integration. An upgrade not only improves reliability and diagnostics tools, but often improves plant operator control through automation, so maximizing output and efficiency.

We can provide any of the below system upgrades or fuel conversions as turn key solutions:

  • Mechanical and Electronic Governor systems
  • Gas Admission, Wastegate and By-Pass valves
  • Ignition, Real Time Combustion Monitoring with Detonation/Misfire detection systems
  • Engine Control, Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Engine Safety Systems
  • Power management, Generator Protection and Excitation Systems
  • Remote Access for fast efficient remote field service support

Workshop Reconditioning/Repairs

TIG marine maintains fully equipped workshops with the capability to provide the fully class approved reconditioning and repair services required by the fleet. Capabilities include:

Reconditioning of:

  • Damaged crankshafts
  • Fuel Injectors, nozzles, valves and pumps
  • Piston Rods/Connecting Rods
  • Exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages
  • Cylinder liners
  • Piston crowns/skirts
  • Cylinder heads/covers
  • Electrical motor rewinds and repairs
  • Overhaul and repair of governors and controls
  • Turbocharger repairs and balancing
  • Centrifugal casting of white metal bearings/stern tubes

Spare Parts Supply

TIG marine’ global network, scale of operations and principal relationships provide us significant access to both OEM and non-OEM diesel engine parts from hundreds of internationally renowned manufacturers.

We supply both new and reconditioned spares for main and auxiliary engines as well as a wide variety of ancillary equipment on the engine and across the engine room. Operators across the globe rely on TIG marine for the supply of high quality, cost effective spares to support their operations.

Through our global network, TIG marine can source a broad range of 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke parts for most major makers.

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