Our Process & Approach

Selecting the right technology is hard enough.

Getting the timing and implementation right and coordinating the project globally around the ship’s schedule is even harder. This is what makes experienced, independent support essential to successful execution. With offices in 14 countries, TIG marine executes these complex retrofits in an efficient and seamless fashion. Coordinate with TIG marine experts in your own region while we coordinate our global teams to handle execution wherever your vessel may sail.

TIG marine follows a well-proven, flexible process that leverages 3D scanning technology as the foundation for efficient retrofit execution. Shipowners can choose to engage TIG marine Green Technologies for portions of the system selection, planning and design, or for executing a complete turnkey retrofit solution.

1 – System Shortlist or Selection

An array of regulations, a variety of technological solutions to address them and the need to efficiently coordinate implementation fleet-wide require an independent partner with in-depth experience and global capability to help navigate the process. TIG marine Green Technologies is a highly qualified discussion partner in assessing new and often unproven technologies.

2 – Onboard survey and 3D laser Scanning

Highly detailed 3D laser scanning is an accurate and efficient solution to determine the feasibility, impact and conflicts associated with installing various solutions on board vessels. It also eliminates most of the risks associated with manual measurement and fabrication onboard without prefabrication. Scanning can generally be completed with no disruption to the vessel’s operations.

3 – Modeling and Concept Design

Data generated by a 3D laser scan is used to model the chosen or shortlisted systems into the existing space. At this point, both the shipowner and chief engineer will be able to clearly see that the final system location will not obstruct normal ship functions, and verify available space for maintenance. Several systems can be modeled to show which would be the optimal solution in terms of fit.

4 – Detailed Engineering

The accuracy of the 3D scan output makes it is possible to create a precise production package containing drawings that show all foundations, mechanical and electrical components, as well as a comprehensive overview of all the parts needed for installation. Piping, connections and foundations can be prefabricated with high precision, eliminating the time-consuming pipe fitting process.

5 – Purchasing and Prefabrication

TIG marine Green Technologies delivers a detailed material specification along with the engineering design and installation guide. This way, shipowners get a complete production package that they can rely on TIG marine to install, or they can use it at a shipyard of their choice. This gives a realistic price quote based on the materials needed, making it easy to compare estimates from different installation alternatives.

6 – Installation and Commissioning

TIG marine Green Technologies can provide installation, commissioning and crew training services worldwide. Minimizing operational downtime can involve partial work done during dry-docking, alongside or at sea. The global availability of installation teams means voyage patterns can be maintained with minimal disruption.

7 – Service

This is possibly the most crucial step in the long-term perspective. TIG marine Green Technologies can provide ongoing post-installation support and service through its world-wide network.

Benefits of the TIG marine Green Technologies process

  • System modeling provides increased confidence in investment decision without the need to purchase the system.
  • Phased investment app-roach possible (proof of concept models, detailed design, full system installation).
  • Reduction/elimination in vessel downtime due to precision of design and prefabrication.
  • Limited onboard work and interruption.
  • Reduced design costs on sister vessels.
  • Installation flexibility (installation can be completed by TIG marine or other qualidied installation partner).
  • Proven results in almost 1,000 ballast water treatment system retrofits, LSGO system modifications and exhaust gas scrubber installations.
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