Line Boring Services

A critical piece of TIG marine’ in-place machining portfolio is the capability to handle a wide range of line boring applications.

TIG marine undertakes both simple and complex boring jobs utilizing off the shelf and heavily customized, purpose built boring tools.

Engine Line Boring

With our specially designed boring tools and laser alignment equipment; TIG marine executes work on all range and sizes of diesel engines with exact precision. This specialized machinery can be adjusted to accommodate varying lengths up to 10 meters. Backed by the large scale, precision machining capability of the TIG marine workshops, we can handle all repairs that might be associated with line boring from machining of caps to larger requirements like machining of bedplates and blocks.

Stern Tube and Tapered Boring applications

Shipyards all over the world rely on TIG marine large scale boring and machining capabilities. Our specialized portable line boring tooling is used in the boring of stern tubes of any length and diameter. TIG marine has also developed customized tooling to undertake large diameter tapered boring for a variety of new build and repair applications such as cable drum bores, stinger hinges and rudder stock bearings. The machinery has also been modified to machine the inner diameters of hydro power turbine outlets.

Whether the job is machining of two or more bores in-line or the machining of bores at great distance, we have the tooling and expertise to handle it.

TIG marine