Steam and Gas Turbine

TIG marine stations around the world have extensive capabilities to perform in-place machining repairs on all steam and gas turbines. TIG marine stations in the Middle East and Asia have broader turbine repair and maintenance capabilities.

In-place Machining

Turbine OEMs and powerplant operators have relied on TIG marine’ in-place machining capabilities for years. TIG marine can quickly mobilize teams to site, evaluate requirements and effect efficient, professional repairs. Examples of in-place machining repairs TIG marine can undertake in the turbine sector are as follows:

  • Repairing of damaged shafts
  • Machining of worn collector rings
  • Stud removal
  • Line boring
  • Flange facing
  • Valve repair
  • Laser cladding and finish machining
  • Laser measurement and alignment
  • Complex metal stitching / cast iron repairs

Steam and Gas Turbine Control Systems

As your plant approaches its scheduled maintenance period we encourage our customers to review their controls, valves and actuators, especially if the plant is more than 10 years old. Often turbine uptime periods can be for 5 years and so if a control becomes obsolete in that period it puts the plant at risk. Additionally old valves and actuators that have been repaired many times and also their designs more susceptible to oil contamination, can be upgraded to the latest, robust all electric valves or hydraulic actuators designs to meet the latest reliability demands set by our customers. TIG marine can offer asset management services for your Woodward products focused on minimizing risk and cost, and maximizing reliability. In addition to offering turnaround services TIG marine can recommend and provide turnkey upgrades, often also improving plant safety and efficiency so revenues.

We can provide any of the below system upgrades as turn key solutions:

  • Gas Turbine Governor Control Valves and Shut Off Valves services and upgrades
  • Steam Turbine actuator upgrades including mechanical to electronic systems
  • Protection, including SIL3 overspeed and TTV systems
  • Turbine and Compressor Control system upgrades
  • Power management, Generator and Motor Protection and Excitation Systems
  • Remote Access for fast efficient remote field service support.

Outage Support

TIG marine can deploy highly capable, mechanical personnel and supervisors to site to support planned outages. Whether the requirement be for a few weeks or a few months, TIG marine technicians can deploy to site to provide the type of skilled mechanical support required to restore the plant to operation.

Other Repairs

  • Gas and Steam path inspections
  • Turbine Valve Services
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