Galley and Laundry Equipment

The One Stop Solution to your Galley/Laundry and Living Quarter’s requirements for Offshore or Merchant Marine vessels.

TIG marine produces and supplies a wide range of comprehensive marine cooking appliances to our international marine audience. We strive to provide our clients with the best equipment, which is enhanced with modern technologies.

Within TIG marine, we have a pool of dedicated staff who are able to provide you with layout design arrangements on galley & laundry areas. We also customize stainless steel furniture to suit the layout arrangement.

We supply spare parts for all brands of galley and laundry equipment.

Galley Equipment

  • Cooking Range with Hot Plate and Oven Below
  • Combi, Convection & Steamers Oven
  • Conventional Baking Oven
  • Griddle Range
  • Deep Fat Fryers comply to IMO SOLAS2000
  • Boiling Kettle
  • Fish-Grill Range
  • Bratt Pan (Tilting and Non-Tilting Type)

All equipment supports marine voltages.

Preparation Equipment

  • Planetary Gear Driven Mixer
  • Vegetable Cutters / Food Processor
  • Meat Mincers
  • Meat and Bone Saws
  • Potato Peelers
  • Dough Mixer
  • Manual or Automatic Meat Slicer
  • Juice Extractor

All equipment supports marine voltages.

Refrigerated Equipment

  • Minibars/Cabin Refrigerators
  • Refrigerators & Deep Freezers
  • Roll in Refrigerators
  • Shock Freezer/Blast Chiller
  • Thawing Cabinet
  • Display Refrigerator
  • Salad Counter

All equipment supports marine voltages.

Self Service Equipment

  • Food and Beverage Counter
  • Bread Toaster
  • Display Unit (Cold or Hot)
  • Coffee Urn
  • Coffee Brewer
  • Ice Cube/Flake Maker
  • Ice-Cream Machine
  • Microwave Oven

All equipment supports marine voltages.

Scullery Equipment

  • Automatic Glass Washers
  • Undercounter Dishwashers
  • Pass-Through Dishwashers
  • Rack Conveyor Transport Dishwashers
  • Compactor
  • Food Waste Disposer (Air or Electric Driven) comply to IMO Marpol

All equipment supports marine voltages.

Laundry Equipment

  • Marine Standard Washer Extractors
  • Marine Standard Tumble Dryers
  • Hydro Extractors
  • Flat Work Ironer
  • Dry Cleaning Machines
  • Ironing Equipment
  • Detergent Dosing System

All equipment supports marine voltages.

TIG marine