TIG marine has long-standing relationships with shipyards all over the world ranging from long-term, informal arrangements to resident contractor arrangements. TIG marine’ ability to respond and to solve challenging technical challenges outside the norm for these very capable yards makes it an indispensable resource. Additionally, close working relationships with yards all over the world often enables customers to engage TIG marine directly for specialist services inside the yard when the yard is unable to perform them directly.

In-Place Machining

Shipyards have complex requirements for in-place machining and TIG marine has the tooling and technicians to support all size and manner of requirements. Some examples of these services include:

  • Shaft seal machining
  • Rudder post and pintle bore machining
  • Stern Tube and Strut Boring
  • Large diameter line boring
  • Tapered boring
  • XY Milling and machining
  • Large diameter radial milling
  • Laser Alignment and chocking
  • 3D Laser scanning / modeling

Engine Services

TIG marine’ capabilities as an expert in comprehensive engine services are unquestioned. With 8 decades as an engine specialist, TIG marine’ capabilities cover virtually all makes and models of larger bore 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines found in the marine markets. While many yards maintain a basic engine maintenance capability, this is often times insufficient to meet the requirements of the owner in the yard. Examples of engine services often provided to shipyards include:

  • 2 Stroke component overhauls
  • Auxiliary engine overhauls
  • Turbocharger repairs and balancing
  • Centrifugal casting of white metal bearings and stern tubes
  • Reconditioning of:
    • Damaged crankshafts
    • Fuel Injectors, nozzles, valves and pumps
    • Piston Rods/Connecting Rods
    • Exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages
    • Cylinder liners
    • Piston crowns/skirts
    • Cylinder heads/covers

Dry Docking

TIG marine provides full docking services at its facility in Dubai Maritime City. The yard can handle dockings for vessels up to 130M x 35M with a maximum capacity of 6,000 tons. TIG marine provides a comprehensive range of docking services inclusive of all mechanical, electrical, engine related and steel fabrication and renewal. Additionally, TIG marine has the capability to complete vessel conversions as well as restorative services like fire rehabilitation projects.

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