Woodward Governors, Actuators, Controls, and Valves

Woodward is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of energy control solutions, including governors, actuators, and controls for industrial engines, turbines, and power equipment.

TIG marine is the authorized Woodward distributor for the Engine Systems and Controls product lines and Recognized Engine Retrofit (RER) for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordon, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and the African Continent. TIG marine also operates Authorized Independent Service Facilities (AISF) in its repair facilities in Vietnam, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. TIG marine carries a wide range of Woodward stock and is ready to support your needs on a moment’s notice.

Woodward’s integrated systems are based on a foundation of key technologies − electronic controls and software, fuel and air delivery, and combustion control. Leveraging fully integrated control system architectures, fuel costs and emissions are significantly reduced while improving performance and external communications. Woodward’s system experience includes full control of high-pressure common rail, dual-fuel, natural gas, and bio-fueled engines across all size ranges and applications and Woodward’s rapid control system development tools allow for easy customization.

Whatever your requirements, TIG marine’ design engineers, workshop and field service technicians can work with you to complete your project in a professional and efficient manner.

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