Excitation Systems

Excitation Systems, Hydraulic Products and Integrated Hydroelectric Solutions

TIG marine Dubai and TIG marine Singapore are both Value-Added Resellers for L & S Electric’s lines of Governor Distributing Valves and Control Manifolds, Governor Hydraulic Systems and Pressure Accumulators for control of hydroelectric turbines as well as Static and Brushless AVR/Excitation systems used on both synchronous generators and motors for any applicable rotating equipment.

With L & S’ product portfolio added to TIG marine’ existing Energy Controls product portfolio, TIG marine is able to provide full system integration and complete turnkey retrofitting solutions for its customers’ engine and turbine power plants. TIG marine is already established as a leading service provider in these markets including overhaul and refurbishment of prime movers, generators, motors and balance of plant equipment. By leveraging these combined capabilities, and the addition of L & S products, TIG marine is able to provide complete service contracts as well as refurbishment and upgrade services.

TIG marine represents L&S for the Middle East and the African continent as well as the countries of Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, India, South Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan.

Integrated Hydroelectric Solutions

TIG marine’ engineering teams working with our specialized partners can design and install customized solutions for Francis, Pelton and Kaplan turbine applications. Upgrading will improve performance with simplified maintenance so reducing the lifetime cost of your system. We provide the following turn key solutions:

  • Digital Governor, Power Management and Protection systems
  • Advanced Excitation Systems (AES)
  • HMI and SCADA
  • Governor hydraulic actuation systems including Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) and Main Distribution Valves (MDV)
  • Independent overspeed protection systems

Hydraulic Products

We are specialists in the design and integration of Hydroelectric hydraulic systems for all turbine types. Our systems offer a diverse range of pressures and flows for the control of actuators (SERVOS) with simple interfaces to digital governors and control systems. We can provide the following solutions:

  • Distribution valves
  • Control Manifolds
  • High Pressure Units (HPU’s)
  • Air over Oil Pressure Tanks
  • Ancillary equipment

Excitation Products

Our excitation systems cover a wide range of brushless and static applications for synchronous generators and motors. The modular design utilizes a proven, high performance, off-the-shelf, commercially available processor and I/O module system. The user-friendly LS-ACT interface tool and multiple remote communication options make it very versatile.

In addition to offering excitation upgrades, we offer machine rewind and refurbishments including rotating excitor conversions.

TIG marine