Teekay Pipe Couplings

Teekay Pipe couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding.

By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a Teekay Pipe coupling, space, weight, time and cost savings are achieved with every installation.

Teekay couplings have been sold for over three decades to more than 85 countries worldwide for civil, water, oil & gas, marine, building service, process, automotive and countless other industrial projects for pipes between 21mm and 4200mm in diameter.

System Applications and Solutions

  • Marine and Offshore – Engine and Ship Systems
  • Building Services
  • Water Industry
  • Power, Oil and Gas Services
  • Processes
  • Automotive Industry

Savings and Advantages of Teekay Couplings

  • 50% space savings/78% reduction in weight
  • 94% savings in manpower, installation and welding time.
  • Eliminates the need for LEV, gas free purging and hot work permits
  • Increased efficiency of off site pipe shop prefabrication
  • Reduces the flushing and chemical cleaning time of piping systems
  • Reduced downtime when connecting to client’s existing systems
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